Vellicorp - Like the feeling you get in a used book store
Vellichor - That feeling you get when you walk in a used book store.

Who is Vellicorp?

The feeling you get when you walk through a used bookstore finding a book that will become a new treasure...

A few years ago, someone put a name to that feeling: Vellichor.

We began Vellicorp wanting clients to have that same sense from working with us: a spirit of comfort and adventure.

How The Vellicorp Process Works

First of all, employers are met on a regular basis to fully understand their hiring needs.

We then meet with skilled professionals who are looking for part-time work. Some of them may be retirees still wanting to stay sharp, while others may be young parents who want better work-life balance. 

Finally, clients connect with us to arrange a convenient time to meet with us. We are always seeking out new employers to chat with as well.

As a result, many people are finding an improved sense of work-life balance and companies across the Waterloo Region are growing more productive.  More questions? Please visit our FAQ

Annette Rossel

Chief Executive Officer

Annette Rossell Vellicorp

Annette Rossel has used her business degree and love of business in executive and management positions in both a global organization and a start-up company.

After the birth of her children, she wanted to divide her time between helping companies grow and raising her children. She knew that this desire was common among many employees.

From her experience, although businesses (and especially start-ups) would welcome part-time professional employees, there were few such job postings out there.

Therefore, Annette partnered with Angela Hill to found Vellicorp to meet this need.

Angela Hill

Chief Operating Officer

Angela Hill Vellicorp

Angela achieved an advanced diploma in computer programming and analysis at Conestoga College. Afterwards, she worked for nine years for Manulife developing her computer and analytical skills.

She strongly believes that you can succeed in both career and life without having to sacrifice one for the other!

When Angela had her children, she decided to use her professional skills in fresh ways. She did freelance design, accounting, project coordination, as well as purchasing and managing rental properties.

Angela often works with disabled children. She enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, volleyball, snowboarding, mountain biking and volleyball. Angela founded Vellicorp to be part of the shift in how Canadians balance work and life better.

“Working less will guarantee happiness and joy of life, instead of frayed nerves, weariness, and dyspepsia.”


- Bertrand Russell

Professionals seeking part time jobs...

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If you are a company that offers part-time or non-traditional work hours, we invite you to take the next steps to learn more...