To be a source of joy in the world

We had the pleasure of hearing Helmi Ansari talk about the social impact business he and his wife started.  From skateboarding door to door selling loose leaf tea to becoming an international housewares brand, this Cambridge-based company has such an inspiring story. I hope you can check out what Grosche has to offer.






Their mission is “To be a source of joy in the world”.  I know!  Amazing.  And right now they are offer free shipping for orders over $25 (Visit

Below is their statement about the company.  I hope you can read more about the social impact they are having both locally and globally.  And spread the word about Grosche.

It’s simple: We sell good products that do good.

We manufacture a premium line of craft brewing accessories for coffee, tea, and water infusion that make life in kitchens the world over blissful while simultaneously funding safe water projects in third world countries. We are a family-run and majority-woman-owned business based in Canada. And we base our every day business on these four principles:


We answer to our stakeholders not just our shareholders. We believe our local communities, global neighbours, and future generations all have a right to know what we’re up to and how we’re going to use our company to make this world better. So we share with them. Always.


We aim not only to achieve a zero net impact on our environment but also to go beyond and fund local and global restorative efforts. Because the health of this planet matters. A lot.


It’s our belief that better companies = better products. We care immensely about giving back, providing safe water, and supporting our community. We also care about providing our customers with the very best tea, water, and coffee products around.


Money is nice, sure. But changing the world is way nicer. Our goal is not to maximize profits (yawn!), it’s to maximize joy in the lives of others.”

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