We find you skilled
part-time work

With employers in the Waterloo Region
who offer flexible work hours.

 Professional Parents

Deciding between staying home or working full-time? Enjoy having work-life balance with skilled part-time work.

Part-time Job for Professional Skilled Parent in Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge.
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Working to create balance

Some of the best professionals out there would rather not be working full-time hours. 
Many businesses want to hire new staff but don't have the need or budget to hire full-time employees.  
At Vellicorp, we bring these two groups together. 

Experienced Retirees

Ready to slow down but still have lots to offer and would like to stay sharp? Professional part-time work can be very fulfilling. 

Jobs for experienced professional retirees in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Pursuing Your Passion

Whether its a sport, volunteering, or starting your own business, professional part-time work can help you pursue your passion. 

Pursuing your passion with part-time job in Kitchener and Waterloo

What People Are Saying About Vellicorp

“After having children I chose to go back to work part-time. Reduced hours has enabled me to care for our children, home, and myself with less stress.”

Rachel Cook

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“As someone changing careers, supplementing my income with part-time contracts has been extremely helpful.”

John Strikwerda

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We find you skilled
part-time work

With employers in the Waterloo Region
who offer flexible work hours.

We place professionals in a
broad range of business fields:

Finance & Accounting, Administration, Sales & Account Management, Marketing/Public Relations/Communications, Business Development, Project Management, Human Resources, Web Development, Graphic Design, Legal and more. 

Working with us is super easy!

Step 1

Connect with a career consultant at Vellicorp. We will send you a link for some brief preliminary testing to discover your skills and abilities.

Step 2

We speak with you in person or on the phone to fully understand your employment desires. We'll also review your resume to go over your education and work history. 

Step 3

We review potential job openings with you. We match you with great companies who are looking for your talents in a part-time capacity!

Connect with a career consultant at Vellicorp
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