Taking time for the family

Life was getting busy and out of control.  As parents, we were tag-teaming our responsibilities.  We held ideals for our family that we would be someday.  Time was passing and we kept pushing back that someday.  Something had to change. So, we stopped and made decisions for change starting now.

We decided that we wanted to be together more as a family.  What does that mean to us?  A few of the focuses were sports, food and work.

We saw that with each of us busy going off to sports it created a rushed environment.  So we are focusing on family sports - hiking, biking, rock climbing.  Our Tuesday nights are spent with a picnic and our bikes at the races.

Time with family

Biking with family


We have cleared room for family suppers - where we can sit and chat about our days - where we can talk about memories of trips - where we can tell a funny joke or show something interesting we learned.  Suppers aren’t always elaborate but a time to all slow down & connect for a moment.  

And we have focused on less work.  For me that was creating the opportunity so I could have control over my hours.  Control of how my summers were spent.  And control of being there when the kids needed me. I quit my full-time job and started my own company to help others work less and achieve better life balance.  It has been busy but we see more and more of our family time happening.

In our rushed and overworked culture, it takes real commitment to achieve your personal ideals.  And what better time than to start now.

Playing in snow with family

Recipe - here is one of our easy family recipes.  They freeze well and can be eaten with a side of broccoli or greens!



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